Watch Out For Scams!

Online scams are on the rise

More and more scams start via email. It is essential that you do not open emails with attachments or from an unknown sender. But if for some reason you opened it, you may get pop-ups that say Warning, Alert, Virus Found, or Malware Detected, make sure you do NOT download any attachments promising to fix the problem. In most cases it’s a scam and once you provide personal information that is when the problems begin. 

The email in question may have some information from you like: your name, your user name or even pretend to have your password in order to get money from you. This new internet scam was inspired by “Shut Up and Dance” the third episode of the series Black Mirror by Netflix. 

The interesting thing is that this is currently happening and it can happen to you if you don’t take precautions. We have a client that received an email that was similar to what happened in one of the episodes. The following is a snippet of the email our client received.


Click here to see the full email 

What to do if you receive an email like this?

  1. Erase the email
  2. Make sure you update your password
  3. Remove your email address from your webpage
  4. Call your web master or website administrator

If you still feel uneasy make sure to change your email address. If you still have any questions, please call Oceanside Marketing or visit us at: 

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