Videos can help grow your business

Videos have become increasingly popular over the years and are definitely not going anywhere. The best part for you and your business is that videos are still not saturating the market. Like the old saying “It’s never too late to start.” The more business owners and managers second guess the power of a video promotion the more likely competitors and bigger corporate entities will start to realize the true potential of videos.


Videos are engaging they can capture your attention in ways a photo might not be able to. Maybe you want to do a tour of your workplace or showcase your product in a more detailed manner. A video can showcase everything you want. Done correctly a video can give you feels. That feeling when you see something you never thought you needed. You might be hungry and all of a sudden you see a video ad promoting your new special that looks delicious. That video can help drive traffic to your website but also more importantly to buy.

Length is key

It used to be that in order to tell a story the longer the video the better. That way you can capture everything in detail without rushing. To a certain extent that is still true, but most people don’t want to spend or have more than 30 seconds. Essentially, you have 30 seconds to capture your audience’s attention and get your message across.


Everything should be done with a purpose. Whether that is to create an emotional appeal, make someone sad, happy hungry, or informational. Your video shouldn’t just be a random video that won’t drive some type of action. Your audience should leave with something.

This how you can leverage getting people’s attention and help drive an action and convert someone into a paying customer.

These  are just a few factors that will help you get started with creating video content and video ads for your business. A creative and well, put together video can help you increase your reach and can help you create a scene that an image might not be able to fully capture.

Done with purpose a video can help grow your business.


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