SEO is not just about Keywords

Quality content

Fitting in the last keyword on your checklist into your last sentence might seem like an accomplishment. Until you realize everything you just wrote doesn’t make sense but at least you got in all of your keywords you just researched, right.

Writing quality content that is helpful and more informative for the end user is a much better option.

Content writers often have the issue of writing for SEO and strictly for SEO purposes. You might be asking yourself, “Isn’t that a good thing.” The answer is not necessarily. Keywords, variations, and modifiers are good to keep in mind, but they shouldn’t hinder you from writing well written and high-quality content.

Google’s algorithms are highly complex and have been adapting and changing over the years to provide a better experience for a better user experience.

Writing good content for people and not google is what will help your SEO efforts.  There is a guideline that google has published with pages and pages of things you can do to provide good content. At the end of the day writing good content is like going back to school.


Google is Google and you are you

Google’s highly sophisticated and complex algorithm is constantly changing and evolving to better understand and relay information to the world.

When we would write content and include as many keywords as possible for SEO purposes so that when a website would get crawled by Google’s bots, hopefully we would rank for those keywords.

Now things have shifted but, in a way, remained the same. Writing content that is helpful to the end user has become increasingly important. Providing information that is useful and relevant to a certain topic or business gets rewarded and in turn helps with your SEO efforts.

Google is the top search engine at the moment. When people search for a specific topic, business, or question. The best search results come up. Where do all those search results come from? The answer is You.

When you write an article that helps people and people are reading it, liking it, and sharing it. It gives you credibility while also offering google a way to help others when they search for the same question that you have the answer for.

Relevant information

Your content has to match what your website is about.

If you sell shoes, you should be talking about shoe care, new shoe releases, shoe materials, shoe culture, and so on.

All of this information can be very helpful to someone looking to buy a particular shoe.

It makes sense because they want information about shoes and anything related to shoe.

What doesn’t make sense is writing about boats or your favorite food which provides no value at all for someone searching for shoes.

Do people trust you?

Before the internet, people would purchase things based off of word of mouth.

If they needed something they would ask around to see If anyone knew of someone who could do the job correctly. The same thing applies to your business or online persona. Do you have positive reviews, are people sharing your content, are your backlinks coming from trusted sources?

Helpful content

Is your content helpful and Informative?

Imagine you are searching for something on google. That question should be what you should be answering in your content.

The best thing to do is to write content that will be helpful to the end user. At the end of the day and in most cases when you have quality content that is helpful, useful, and informative the keywords fall into place as well.


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