Is it Impossible to Stop robocalls?

Robocalls are on the rise especially after the tax deadline of April 15. Whether it’s someone calling from the “IRS”, “Social-Security” or offering a free getaway, be careful not to give out any personal information especially any banking information. Scam callers are getting clever with how they approach calling individuals. Even if the phone number looks legitimate there are ways of masking the phone number so that it appears as if the IRS is calling you.



Fear is key here. Whoever is doing this knows exactly what they are doing. Fear is the number one way they are able to get your attention. They will always open with the fact that you owe them some type of payment. They try and make you second guess whether you owe or not. Most of the time if not all of the time you don’t owe anything.

IRS and Robocalls

The first thing the IRS or other government agency will do if they need to contact you is send you a letter. The letter will have all of the contact information needed. You can then check online to verify that information is correct.  The next step is for you to call and make sure everything is fixed.


Don’t give out information

The most important thing is to make sure you don’t give out any information. Especially if you are 100% sure you don’t owe anyone anything. If you are unsure and might be on the fence visit the official website to get the contact information.

Stopping robocalls

If the next question you are asking is “How do I stop robocalls.” Here are a few helpful tips.
You can register your number on the “Do not call List” doing so helps prevent some calls but not all. The second option is to see if your wireless provider offers free and paid forms for blocking unwanted calls. Lastly is to download an app on your phone that blocks calls.

Dealing with robocalls can be a pain and some people get them more often than others. Remember, make sure you don’t give out any information and if possible block the number. It’s not impossible to stop robocalls but even taking a few steps to help prevent them doesn’t guarantee they will go away forever.

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